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Tips for Having a More Productive Day

Good day, my fellow Parentpreneur’s. Today I want to talk a little bit about things that you can add to your day that are going to help set you up for building momentum in your business and in your life. If momentum to you means scaling your business and creating that time and money freedom that you're looking for, this is going to help you. As you know I am a huge advocate of building systems and setting boundaries, and together, I think that this is the greatest way that we can find momentum in life and business. So let's dive in!

Start your Day Right (for you)

The first tip is starting your day in a way that is going to set YOU up for success. You know what you need better than anyone so remember that this is going to look different for everyone. Some of us are early risers who get stuff done in the morning, some of us are night owls, some of us need to be active in the morning, some of us like to get right into things, or maybe you need to sit in some quiet with your coffee. Whatever that looks like for you, you do you boo! Don't worry about what other people are saying! Use what others are doing as inspiration and try different things out but remember there's no one size fits all when it comes to what you need in the morning. For example: my husband and I are complete opposites in how this works for us, so don't worry about what other people are doing, find what works for you and go all in.

Prioritize your Needle Moving Tasks

The second tip is, prioritize your needle moving tasks first! If you are looking to move the needle in your business and in your life, you need to prioritize the tasks that are going to make the biggest impact in that area. Whatever that is for you, for your business, where you are in life, prioritize the needle moving tasks and don't get distracted with extra tasks that might be more fun but won't make the same impact in your business. If you take away one tips and implement it today I think this is the ONE that will make the biggest impact!

Schedule Breaks into Your Day

The third tip is, I want you to schedule breaks into your day. It could be to go for a walk at 10:00 o'clock every day or after you've worked for a couple hours you go and meditate. Whatever that looks like for you, write those breaks into your day. You need a break! Everyone needs a break! We are always trying to go so hard. It's time to slow down and take a break so that you can actually come back more motivated, more energized and ready to go. Your overall day is going to be a lot more productive.

Initiate Do Not Disturb

The fourth tip is, put your phone and e-mail on Do Not Disturb! There's no reason that you need to be constantly available. I know on my phone I can set certain contacts that can breakthrough do not disturb automatically, like my husband, if it's late at night or there is a emergency can break through that setting. That constant Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! It's distracting us from getting stuff done. Lets be real, it's usually not that important anyway. TURN DO NOT DISTURB ON!

Get Active

The fifth tip is, if you're feeling sluggish or like you're just not feeling it today, go for a walk, get active, do some yoga, whatever your favorite activity is get up and go do that. It will get blood flowing, hormones flowing and all those endorphins, these things that are the things that are going to get you motivated and ready to go.

Eat Lunch Away From Your Desk

The sixth tip is, eat lunch away from your desk! Go sit at the table, sit on your porch, whatever that looks like, Eat Your Lunch Away from your desk, do not work! YOUR brain needs a break. I repeat your brain needs a break. Stop, take the break!

Stick to a Routine

The seventh tip is, stick to your routine to establish a habit. Routine and habits, we all know is something that we need to do over and over again in order to establish that habit. The more you do things the quicker it goes, the faster it goes, the easier it is to establish that habit.

Wherever You Are, Be All In

And the last one I have for you is, at the end of the day or whenever you have prescribed time, put your work away and enjoy some time with your family. You don't need to be thinking about that e-mail that you need to send or whatever else is pressing at work. When we're with our family, we are present. It's just like when we are working and we tell the little’s “No, don't bother me right now, Mommy is working, I have things to do”. It’s same thing when you're with your family, “No don't bother me with work things, I'm with my family right now”. Be engaged in whichever arena you're in at that moment, be engaged with that not with the other as much as you can.

Those are my tips! I would love to know what you would add to this list.

See you later,


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